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Top Cheffer Robin Leventhal Lands New Restaurant Job

Don't look now, but one more Top Cheffer has ... an actual restaurant job. The latest cheftestant to score a gig is Robin Leventhal, aka the one that none of the other cheftestants can stand. Once upon a time, she was the chef/owner of Crave, a popular Seattle bistro, but now she's the new executive chef of See Sound Lounge, which according to its very unfortunate website (warning: autoplay music) is "host to Seattle's most forward thinking International DJ's." So, there's that.

And surprise, surprise, the restaurant is not being shy about promoting the hell of its new selling point before it gets eliminated from the show: "Our new chef Robin is a contestant on the current season of Top Chef on Bravo. The show is extremely popular. Take heed, watching it makes you hungry." Everyone got that?
· Robin Leventhal, New Exec Chef at See Sound Lounge [Slog]