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Conde Nast CEO Explains Why Gourmet and Not Bon Ap

Aside from the obvious 70-year history and celebrity editors involved, one of the more surprising parts of the whole Gourmet shuttering is Conde Nast's favoring of Bon Appetit over Gourmet. Even though the former was/is more profitable than Gourmet, the choice still raised many eyebrows. In a Q&A session, Conde Nast President/CEO Charles H. Townsend explains why he nixed Gourmet (spoiler: money, gorillas), and how Bon Ap isn't just a money-making food magazine for the masses:

In the epicurean situation the sentimental favorite might be Gourmet, but the big-business 800-pound gorilla is Bon Appetit ... In the middle of this decade [Gourmet] was a profitable business, but having two of those businesses did not help the situation.
When asked if the choice of Bon Ap over Gourmet signals a fundamental shift for the Conde Nast empire, Townsend takes exception, insisting that when it comes to Bon Ap, broader appeal does not equal a lowest common denominator magazine:
...I would by no means characterize it as a mass magazine. It's still a high-end magazine. You look at its demography, its price points, the advertising it carries, you look at everything about it, it's a Conde Nast magazine.
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