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Reichl Speaks, Already Planning a Conde Nast Memoir (!)

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Kim Severson of the New York Times gets the first substantial quotes from Ruth Reichl in the wake of yesterday's Gourmet implosion. Among other things, Reichl reveals that she given the shocking news Monday morning and as suspected, they had planned issues a year out from now. As for her future plans, she's going to continue her book tour for the Gourmet cookbook, followed by the October 17th debut of her TV show, Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth. Oh, and then there's a little something that bears a working title of Ruth Reichl: The Conde Nast Years...

“I’m just sad but when I’m done being sad I’ll be working on my next book,”; she said.

What book? Ruth Reichl: The Condé Nast years. That’s not the title, of course. But it is the content.

“This has been a fascinating place to work,” she said. “But I’ve always said I can’t write it until I leave here.”

Such a twisted web gets woven at Conde Nast. Anyway, Eater HQ is now accepting nominations for potential titles of the Reichl memoir; to the comments you go.
· Ruth Reichl to Promote Gourmet Cookbook Before Writing a Book of Her Own [NYT]

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