via); on the right, Kogi (via). "> clock menu more-arrow no yes mobile

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Kogi Ripoff Rewarded With Baja Fresh Franchise Buyout

On the left, Calbi (<a href="">via</a>); on the right, Kogi (<a href="">via</a>).
On the left, Calbi (via); on the right, Kogi (via).

From the logos to the Korean-Mexican fusion menu, the striking resemblances blatant impersonations at work between the Calbi BBQ truck and the original runaway Southern California hit of the year, the Kogi BBQ truck, have been pointed out many times before, but lo and behold, the knockoff has been franchised out by fast food chain Baja Fresh. As luck would have it, Baja Fresh was recently accused of blatantly ripping off Kogi in its own right by putting "Baja Kogi" items on its menu (they soon changed them to "Gogi"). How appropriate.
· Baja Fresh owner to franchise Calbi taco truck [NRN]