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Wanted: Unpublished Gourmet Features

Gourmet being a real-deal glossy, at the time of its closing editorial plans through mid 2010 were largely underway, with issue themes locked and stories contracted. After the Thanksgiving Issue, which Conde has said will ship, was to come a Year End and, for January, a home cooking special. The macro tragedy today is the loss of Gourmet, of course; the micro one, however, is that there are issues-worth of that sweet Gourmet-brand editorial that aren't going to see the light of day. So, here is our offer to any writer who was on contract for any Gourmet feature: for a $100 consolation fee (admittedly, nothing more than a consolation fee), we'll run the story here, in full. Email us for more details or to submit your stories. We aim to celebrate Ruth Reichl's game-changing book, so give us a hand, won't you?