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A Restaurant For Wrigley, Chow's New Online Guide, More!

CHICAGO—The Chicago Cubs have a new owner, and this Mr. Tom Ricketts fellow is already brainstorming about how to spruce up historic Wrigley Field: "People want more food options, like a restaurant, where you can take a client, and we’d like to do more for kids." [NYT]

NEW YORK—Oh dear. Rumor has that Graydon Carter is offering laid-off Vanity Fair staffers jobs at his Monkey Bar restaurant. Hate to see that. [Mediate]

LAUNCHES & RELEASESChow has launched a restaurant section that breaks down regions and restaurants, complete with star ratings a la Yelp. Per Chow, their new little number is different from other online guides because it taps into "the wisdom found in the loyal Chowhound community." [Chow via Lifehacker]

SAN DIEGO—A few weeks ago, fish taco chain Rubio's received an unsolicited buyout offer of $80 million, but today, the restaurant's board of directors unanimously rejected the proposal, saying that it was not "in the best interests of Rubio's stockholders." [Union-Trib]

[Photo: Flickr/wallyg]