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Which 'Prominent' LA Restaurant Owner Has MJ Photos?

The ZOMG news on the celebrity tabloid circuit this week is that photos of Michael Jackson's autopsy may have been leaked. Why anyone would ever want to see that kind of nightmare fuel is beyond us, but—but—according to the Daily Beast, the man alleged to be in possession of photos is a "prominent Los Angeles restaurant owner." So, boom.

So the big question now becomes: which prominent Los Angeles restaurant owner is it? Among the key clues in the Daily Beast investigative report are that the person is friends with television executives and high-ranking cops, is brazen enough to show it to friends on his BlackBerry, and responds to text messages like a 12-year-old girl ("“Who gave u my contact infor?" and "Thanks for ur interest, good luck to u and ur continued success"). Share your rumormongering and guesses in the comments, or feel free to drop a line to the Eater tipline, which is always open for business.
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