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And Now There Will Be a Twilight-Themed Restaurant

It was probably only a matter of time before something like this happened, but a husband-and-wife team in Forks, WA will be cashing in on the current vampire craze and opening a restaurant based on Twilight sometime early next year. The popular vampire series apparently takes place in Forks, and the town has gone a bit wacky with the fandom. Anyway, the steak/seafood eatery will be called Volterra, the name of a special vampirey Italian city in the novels. Or something.

For more on the red tape involved in securing a liquor license in Washington and also vampire aristocracy and vampire law enforcement, please do consult the original article in the local paper, which is chock full of non-sequiturs.
· 'Twilight'-themed restaurant in works in Forks [PDN]

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