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PDX's Food Cart Collection, Top Chef Finale Rumors, More

PORTLAND—In what's being called"one of the most interesting experiments in Portland's dining scene and a possible sign of the future, a run-down building and adjacent lot have been converted into a food-cart center called the Mississippi Marketplace, "a community gathering place and an incubator for small artisan businesses focused on food or crafts." [Oregonian]

TECHNOLOGIESPizza Hut does mobile technology better than Zagat: "After being live in the iTunes App Store for just three months, the Pizza Hut App for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch has garnered more than $1 million in sales." [R&I]

TOP CHEFFAGE—Just in case you haven't fulfilled your Top Chef quota today, a Bay Area newspaper hears that the current Vegas season temporarily took over Sonoma's Michelin-starred Cyrus last Thursday and Friday for what would could be more finale filming. [PD, previously]