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Goldman, Pads and Hoffmann to Shill on Home Shopping TV

The only thing more entertaining than learning that Duff Goldman, Padma Lakshmi and Ingrid Hoffmann will be cashing a nice paycheck in exchange for hawking their own brand products on the Home Shopping Network a la informercials? The cardboard lines that their handlers concocted for the big announcement:

Padma: "I'm excited to debut the Easy Exotic brand on HSN."

Hoffmann: "I can't wait to introduce my cookware, designed with the expertise of T-Fal to a vast new audience of 'foodies' at HSN."

Goldman: "I am always searching for new ways to show people how to be more creative in the kitchen and I now I've found it at HSN."
· Padma Lakshmi, Ingrid Hoffmann and Duff Goldman Serve Up New Offerings [ET]
[Photo: Flickr]