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Landmark Paris Restaurant Auctions Off Epic Wine Collection

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One of Europe's oldest restaurants—La Tour D'Argent in Paris, established 1582 (think about that)—is slightly strapped for cash, so with the hope of raising a million Euros or so, it will be auctioning off 18,000 bottles from its insane, world-famous wine cellar that currently encompasses, oh, about a half million bottles. For reference, this is what the wine list looks like.

The auction will take place on December 7-8, and bottles on the block range from some that could go for 10 euros each to a magnum of 1983 Château Petrus to a 1788 cognac that's estimated to be worth at least 2,500 euros. There's even a website dedicated to the epic firesale, including a full catalog of the offerings. Wine geeks and somms, go ahead and freak out.
· Official Auction Site []
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