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Alain Ducasse Has Had Enough of All the Spain Praise

Photo: Flickr/NYCWFF

At a press conference in Brazil (obviously), French fancy chef Alain Ducasse decided to have a moment and express his disdain for "The media only speak of Spain, of English-speaking countries, saying 'That's it, the renewal is coming from abroad.' That's not true." Ducasse went on to insist that despite all publicity garnered by the the Ferran Adrias, Heston Blumenthals and Grant, um, Achatzi, of the world, the culinary "renewal" is actually in France.

The thing is, Ducasse does have a point, and for some reason, chefs like Pascal Barbot and Alexandre Gauthier don't get the publicity of their Spanish counterparts. Maybe it has to do with Ferran Adria's trailblazing, maybe it has to do with other reasons, but Ducasse puts forth another explanation:

...Maybe the problem for us, for the French, is that we don't have the media we deserve.
· Top chef accuses media of ignoring French innovation [The Independent]