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Domino's Awesome Future Car, Chefs' Horror Stories

Photo: Flickr/hugo90

SOUTH DAKOTAWired finds an amazing photo on Flickr of an amazing Domino's automobile currently sitting in a car museum. Odds are that it came from the future. [Wired]

KITCHENS—Just in time for Halloween, Metromix asks chefs about the most gruesome kitchen accidents. Ryan Skeen burned the skin off his foot, Harold Dieterle split the tendon of his thumb in half and Cesare Casella stuck his hand in a pasta machine. [Metromix via Eater NY]

INDUSTRY—An article in Entrepreneur explains why this is the ideal time to open a new restaurant. Among the reasons: the risk of failure is the same in good times and bad, rents have dropped by as much as 66 percent in prime locations ("landlords are actually offering abatements"), and since there's a huge talent pool desperate for jobs, salaries are lower than ever. [Entrepreneur]

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