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Behold Againn, DC's New Gastropub (and Its Expansion Plans)

[Photos: Powers and Crewe Photography]

The pretty lady seen here is Againn, a new gastropub opening tomorrow in Washington DC. The chef is Wes Morton, whose resume boasts places like Citronelle and the French Laundry. And then there's the booze side of the operation, where San Francisco cocktail stars Scott Baird and Josh Harris are consulting on the opening, and they've put together an insane beverage program that includes 100+ scotches, 100+ beers by the bottle and 17 beers on tap.

Even more notable might be the people behind Againn, the Whisk Group headed by Ritz-Carlton vet Mark Weiss, who is looking to expand aggressively both nationwide and globally. Up next is a pastry shop in DC called Cioccopan, and if all goes to plan, a second, similar gastropub concept in Dubai of all places. Plus, as seen on the website, there are several other concepts (Italian, Belgian, et al.) currently being shopped around the country by Weiss and Company.
· The Whisk Group [Official Site]


1099 New York Ave., NW, Washington DC