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Brian Malarkey to Open His Own Cow Testicle/Abalone Eatery

Photo: MySpace

Brian Malarkey of Top Chef Season Three fame is finally opening up his own restaurant in San Diego's popular Gaslamp District. The still-unnamed restaurant is slated for next summer, and will be co-owned by high-profile (for San Diego) nightclub owner James Brennan. Perhaps just as notable is the designer: LA's Thomas Schoos, who is responsible for such projects as Tao NYC and Vegas, LA's Koi and LA's Table 8, among others.

As for the concept of the restaurant, Malarkey says it will be contemporary American comfort food "stamped with the imprimatur of his unique style." He tells the Union-Tribune:

“I want to make this a very approachable, fun restaurant accessible to a wide variety of people, with fun food that doesn't take itself too seriously, everything from cow (testicles) to abalone ... We're going to have unique stuff but also the best damn hamburger you've ever had, and I'll make my own hot dogs. We'll do a lot of braising and roasting, but with an edge.”
Put in a stripper pole and it's pretty much guaranteed that people won't take it seriously. Just a thought. Just sayin'.
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