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Emeril Hops on Burger Bandwagon at Pennsylvania Casino

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Martha Stewart minion and original celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse will open his second restaurant on the northeastern seaboard. It's going to be located in picturesque Bethlehem, Pennsylvania within the Sands Casino Resort, which just happens to be where Emeril's Chop House is also located. However, unlike the upscale steakhouse, Emeril's second PA venture will be a burger joint—his first—to be called Burgers and More ... because it stands for BAM, you see.

By our count, Burgers and More would be Emeril's 13th restaurant.
· Emeril Lagasse to open burger bar at Bethlehem casino [Star-Ledger]
[Photo of the heavens shining down on Emeril: Flickr/livingon112]

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