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KFC Attempting Another Promo; Food Network's Wii Game

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CHAINSVILLE—Oh dear: KFC is going to attempt another free grilled chicken promotion. It'll take place next Monday, and based on the apocalyptic chicken riots that erupted last time, the KFC bosses are promising an "orderly and efficient" event. [Consumerist]

TELEVISIONEat Me Daily notices that the Food Network is releasing its own video game about cooking, and Michael Symon is already saying how close the floating knives are to real cooking. Can't we get Morimoto as an action figure or Paula Deen as a racecar driver or something more creative? [EMD]

SOUTH BEACH—Mark the calendars: tickets for the South Beach Food & Wine festival go on sale this coming Monday. The Miami New Times does the lord's work and highlights the big events that will go quickly. [MNT]

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