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Zagat Releases National Guide, Says Seattle Doesn't Tip

The individual city guides for Zagat have been dropping throughout the last few weeks, and today, Tim 'n Nina release the 2010 national edition. As usual, there's not too much particularly ground-breaking in the maroon guidebook, but for those interested, there are plenty of dining stats and trends to go around. Some of the more notables:

· 43% are eating out less.
· Service is still diners' main complaint.
· Las Vegas remains the most expensive dining city.
· The average meal cost in America is $34.62.
· St. Louis and Philly are the best tipping cities; Seattle is the worst.
Other than those fun facts, the national edition serves as an aggregate of the various Zagat markets, summing up the best of each city.

Atlanta - Sam & Dave's
Boston - East Coast Grill
Chicago - Smoque
Hawaii - Scotty's BBQ
Las Vegas - Lucille's
Long Island - Smokin' Al's BBQ
Los Angeles - Phillips BBQ
New Jersey - GRUB Hut
New York - Fette Sau
New Orleans - Joint
Philadelphia - Bomb Bomb BBQ
San Francisco - Buckeye Roadhouse
Seattle - Pecos Pit BBQ
Washington D.C. - Urban Bar-B-Que Company
Westchester/Hudson Valley - Big W's

Atlanta - Vortex B&G
Boston - Mr. Bartley's
Chicago - Wiener's Circle
Hawaii - Duane Ono's
Las Vegas - In-N-Out
Long Island - George Martin Grill
Los Angeles - In-N-Out
New Jersey - Five Guys
New York - burger joint
New Orleans - Port of Call
Philadelphia - Rouge
San Francisco - In-N-Out
Seattle - Red Mill Burgers
Washington D.C. - Matchbox
Westchester/Hudson Valley - Blazer Pub

Atlanta - Cameli's Pizza
Boston - Galleria Umberto
Chicago - Spacca Napoli
Hawaii - Brick Oven
Las Vegas - Metro Pizza
Long Island - Massa's
Los Angeles - Pizzeria Mozza
New Jersey - DeLorenzo's Pies
New York - Di Fara
New Orleans - Theo's
Philadelphia - Osteria
San Francisco - Cheese Board Collective
Seattle - Serious Pie
Washington D.C. - Pasta Plus
Westchester/Hudson Valley - Johnny's

Atlanta - Chopstix
Boston - Sichuan Gourmet
Chicago - Lao
Hawaii - Kirin
Las Vegas - Wing Lei
Long Island - Orient
Los Angeles - Din Tai Fung
New Jersey - Hunan Taste
New York - Philippe
New Orleans - Royal China
Philadelphia - San Kee Duck House
San Francisco - Yank Sing
Seattle - Szechuan Chef
Washington D.C. - Peking Gourmet
Westchester/Hudson Valley - Aberdeen

Atlanta - Tamarind Seed
Boston - Brown Sugar / Similans
Chicago - Arun's
Hawaii - Mekong Thai
Las Vegas - Lotus of Siam
Long Island - Siam Lotus
Los Angeles - Jitlada
New Jersey - Origin
New York - Sripraphai
New Orleans - La Thai
Philadelphia - Nan
San Francisco - Manora's Thai
Seattle - Thai Tom
Washington D.C. - Thai Square
Westchester/Hudson Valley - Bangkok Spice

Atlanta - MF Sushibar
Boston - o ya
Chicago - sushi wabi
Hawaii - Sushi Sasabune
Las Vegas - Nobu
Long Island - Aji 53
Los Angeles - Urasawa
New Jersey - Ajihei
New York - Sasabune
New Orleans - Sushi Brothers
Philadelphia - Bluefin
San Francisco - Kiss Seafood
Seattle - Kisaku Sushi
Washington D.C. - Makoto
Westchester/Hudson Valley - Sushi Nanase

· Hard Times for Restaurants Good Times for Diners [Reuters]

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