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Bonkers Restaurateur Actually Torches Rival Eatery

Down in New Orleans, a restaurant owner was charged with arson after she was caught setting fire to the rival restaurant across the street. No, really. A daring 74-year-old lady named Mae Fong is the owner of the 32-year-old Fong's, and the police are saying that she burned down the Chinese restaurant next door (Young's), causing upwards of $60K worth of damage.

The sneaky old (alleged) firebug (allegedly) masterminded the fire earlier this month, and she would've gotten away with it if weren't for some pesky video cameras that, you know, filmed her starting the fire. According to the police, the video was "extremely valuable" in solving the crime, with the police chief adding: "It's hard to refute that type of evidence." Indeed, indeed.
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