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McDonald's Sued For Cancer Chicken, Trib Names Bad Trends

CHAINSVILLEMcDonald's and Burger King were both were accused in a lawsuit of selling chicken known to contain a cancer-causing chemical. The class-action suit was filed on behalf of everyone who ate the grilled chicken from October 2006 to the present day, but they're not trying to outlaw it: "We’re not looking to have them stop selling the product ... The product is a legal though dangerous product that should be sold with a warning, like a chainsaw.” [Bloomberg]

TRENDWATCH—The Chicago Tribune enlists the help of famous chefs and food personalities to help name the 10 Worst Dining Trends of the Decade. On the list are gems like communal tables, media whores (Rocco, we're looking at you), deconstruction, and foam, among others. [CT]
[Photo: Flickr]