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Waters Biographer Thomas McNamee Might Need a Timeout

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Earlier this week, Thomas McNamee was thought to have left some potty-mouthed comments on a two-year-old Gurgling Cod review of his Alice Waters biography. All evidence suggested it was him writing the rants, and lo and behold, McNamee isn't done quite yet. Seems that the author has found the comments section of SF Weekly too. And he ain't happy with the criticism that his book is a hagiography:

What is this, some sort of band of morons with pitchforks, none of whom is able to understand that my book is not a suck piece? that in fact, vividly available to the perspicacious reader--a type of whom there have been a great many--I have shown Alice to be as YOU see her, manipulative, self-aggrandizing, media-hungry? ... Is the only thing that you would understand something like ALICE WATERS IS A MANIPULATIVE, SELF-AGGRANDIZING BITCH?

It's recommended that you read the whole rant at the Weekly, but here's one more tiny except in which McNamee discusses Alice Waters. This is how it works, folks:

She's human, she's famous, she's influential, she's manipulative, she's getting a lot done, you may not like her, I may not like her, but this is how it works, folks, like it or not, this is how it works ... oh, and, sir, or madam, or mademoiselle, fuck you and the Prius you rode in on.
A day later, McNamee—allegedly—comes back to the comments section, apologies for the "intemperateness" of his language and blames it on the alcohol. You do hate to see that.
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