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And Now, A Whole New Eater Universe

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With the launch today of Eater National comes a new focus at Eater on matters of national import—and non-import, for that matter. Long in the purview of our individual city sites, coverage of such things as celebrity chefs, Guy Fieri, major restaurants, food magazines, broad restaurant trends and issues, and the massive universe of food pop culture will now live on this site. As will brand new ideas, such as the Eater's Bill of Rights (coming at you later today). Also a part of the introduction of Eater National, the Eater Network will be expanding to a new tier of cities, which will include Chicago, Portland, OR, Miami and others—with more news to come on these under seperate cover, our new city sites will launch in the coming days and weeks.

Part of the point of Eater National is to parse, aggregate and save you from the massive amount of noise generated by the digital food universe, which brings us to the matter of the beautiful yellow sticker you see here. Given that the internet is about 1,000,000 cutesy food blogs too vast, for a limited time only, Eater is offering $25 to any food blogger who will agree to shut his or her food blog down (and post this yellow notice on the site). What better a way is there to mark this glorious day than with a special offer! Answer: There is no better way. Ladies and gentlemen, you're welcome.

Back to Eater National proper for a second, we hope you like our new site. If you encounter any problems or see any bugs, please shoot us a note at Our editors, led by Eater National managing editor, Paolo Lucchesi, are infinitely reachable at So drop them a line, too.
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This offer good while supplies last, limited to the first 25 respondents! Prominent posting of yellow Notice required for payment. No blog newer than 1 month old is eligible for shutdown. If you can show evidence of multiple posts about toast, fruit cake or grilled cheese, we might even pay you $30. Affiliates and family members of Eater staff do not qualify, as you should have known better in the first place.