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Chick-fil-A in Chicago, Vegas Opposed to Cemetery Eatery

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CHICAGO—Chicago is finally getting its first standalone Chick-fil-A locations. The chain with a cult following will begin construction on a 4,195-square-foot, 128-seat project in Orland Park later this winter, with another location looking likely for Aurora. [Sun-Times]

NYC/NAPA—We can't decide if this wonderfully passive aggressive Craigslist plea is desperate or simply delusional. Actually, it's probably both: "Hi this is for the two young girls, from Manhattan, both lawyers,who were at Michael Chiarello's restaurant in Napa on Monday September 14th. You took a picture with your camera of my husband and I with him and I gave you my email address and you PROMISED to email me the picture when you returned to NYC. To date I have not received it. If anyone knows these two girls, please remind them we are waiting for their promised email. I appreciate it. Thank you." [CL]

MIAMIA Miami newspaper blows the whistle on the trend that sees countless restaurants using the word Kobe to describe non-Kobe beef. The article points out that labeling American or Australian beef as the Japanese Kobe is a violation of USDA guidelines and state law. Says one Wagyu spokesman: ""It's basically become a free-for-all ... We're aware of the [federal] labeling guidelines, but people do what they want... Some of them use the term Kobe in their farm names." [Miami New Times]

LAS VEGAS—A proposal to open a restaurant on a pet cemetery—yes, a pet cemetery—has drawn a lot of neighborhood opposition, including from a woman who plans to be buried in the pet cemetery: "Sandra Lee Mara visited the cemetery Tuesday to tend to the graves of Smoke Dog, a departed pit bull, and Lil' Miss, a chocolate lab. She, too, thought a fast-food restaurant would impinge on the grounds..'" No one wants to eat in a cemetery—maybe Chick-fil-A—so let's get to the real question here: is Smoke Dog the best dog name ever? [LVRJ]

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