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Ruth Reichl Declareth the End of Print Magazines

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Ladies and gents, Ruth Reichl—who was a no-show at the big Gourmet goodbye party—has officially declared the end of the print magazines. In an interview with the NY Observer, Reichl discusses how the end of Gourmet signifies the end of everything else ever too:

“That kind of luxury that we all had is probably a thing of the past. The new business realities have changed the life at Condé Nast. “I think print magazines as we know them will cease to exist"

But even though Reichl thinks print mags will go the way of the Stegosaurus, she thinks that their inspirational/intellectual stimulation will live on in other forms:

"I do think that there is going to be something that will be very exciting and that will incorporate video, instant shopping ... I think that the rich experience that is in magazines will likely move to another platform. It won’t be online."
And with that, allow us to usher in the era of Offline Video Instant Shopping.
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