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Win One of Fifty (50!!) Autographed Momofuku Cookbooks

Winning captions are below.
Winning captions are below.

As you may recall, Eater is giving away 50 copies of the epic Momofuku cookbook across all sites. Today's contest: tell us—or better yet, show us—why are you are David Chang's number one fan. Send photos, film videos, write a poem, get a peach tattoo, recount anecdotes, insist on your Momogroupie status, whatever. Let's hear the superfandom, people. The five best submissions to get an autographed copy of the Momofuku cookbook in the mail.

Thanks to all for an overwhelming response to the first contest, which challenged everyone to submit their best caption to the above photo of Mr. Chang and Martha Stewart. To all the winners, we'll be in touch shortly; to the rest, there's always today's new contest! For now, here are the best of the best:

"Yes Darth Momo, the empire is growing strong. Soon our plans will be revealed."

"Don't you want Ssambody to love?"

"The nail-file you sent me in the crack pie? It's a good thing."

"Please be gentle with Ma Pêche."

"Your soul is due as payment in full exactly 9 years from today."
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