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NFL Star to Try to Do a Florida Eatery Better Than D-Wade

Sweet, sweet South Beach. Coming in the wake of the epic fail that was Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade's restaurant disaster, Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is partnering with ex-NFL player Rudi Johnson to co-own a new South Beach restaurant called Proof. The restaurant will be located within the Z Ocean Beach Hotel and is described as "an inviting and affordable health-conscious and delicious alternative." That there's a lot of adjectives.

And if you're wondering what exactly qualifies two NFL players to own a restaurant, allow us to quote their developer: “Their leadership and determination on the field will translate just as well off the field, and will no doubt contribute to our commitment to making Proof a major Miami Beach hot-spot and success.” No doubt! Oy. Here's hoping it turns out better than D-Wade, because he's still trying to financially—and legally—sort out that whole trainwreck.
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