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Rocco's Musical Audition; Early Momofuku Book Reviews

ROCCO'S WORLD—Along with a Todd English wedding reality show and Crystal Pepsi, one of the great missed opportunities in modern times happened when Rocco Dispirito didn't get a part in a musical after auditioning for the role of Billy Flynn in "Chicago." [Courant]

EATER BOOK CLUB—First of all, we're accepting submissions for the Monster Momofuku Contest throughout the weekend. Secondly, the WSJ discovers that (shocker!) the Momofuku cookbook is rife with swear words, wondering if it's an assault on "once-genteel food writing." Chang explains, "It's an ugly, nasty business, the cooking world. It's hard, hot and grueling. Other books choose not to document this." Meanwhile, octogenarian veteran cookbook editor Judith Jones notes that "some of these young guys are going overboard." [WSJ via Eater NY]
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