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Beard Nominations Open, Boris Becker Really Enjoyed Nobu

AWARD SHOWS—The James Beard Foundation is now accepting nominations for its annual awards, so all the shameless chefs in the crowd should go ahead and nominate themselves to get the process going. Or simply nominate someone else. [JBF via Grub Street]

LONDON—It's not quite up to English levels of scandal, but tennis legend Boris Becker says he had sex in Nobu with someone who was not his wife ... in a pretty weird place: "The former Wimbledon champion had sex with model Angela Ermakova on steps at London's Nobu diner. He added: 'I don't know if a bathroom is a better place but it actually happened on the stairs between the bathrooms so there was no broom cupboard.'" [The Sun]

LOS ANGELES—Speaking of which, Nobu Matsuhisa will be adding yet another restaurant to his empire. Per Eater LA, Matsuhisa will be doing a new 5,700 square-foot Japanese eatery in Malibu to be called Wavebreak. It's still only in the design phase though. [Eater LA]