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Racist Georgia Restaurant Owner Keeps Making It Worse

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Last week, a restaurant just outside of Atlanta called the Georgia Peach made headlines in the worst way after it put up anti-Obama racial slurs on its storefront signage. The story has since spread across media outlets, with owner Patrick Lanzo repeatedly insisting that he is not a racist, all while he gets photographed in his restaurant with "Whites Only" signs in the background. Recently appeared on a radio show wherein he tried (failed) to explain why his sign is totally OK, innocuous and dandy:

Anzo: Well, see that would offend me, because I don’t look at Obama bein’ an African American. What’s wrong with him being a Black American? And he’s even a half-breed, he’s not a full black person.

Radio Host: Well, again, the word half-breed is rather an insulting term.

Oh dear. This Georgia person needs a timeout.
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