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Still More English Drama, Chang's Next Baby Gets Named

THE TABLOIDSToday's installment of the Todd English Wedding Mess involves the celebrity chef files police charges, a black eye and onetime fiance Erica Wang going on the Today Show. Best ongoing shitshow of the week by far. [Gawker, previously]

NEW YORK—Ladies and gents, thanks to a blurb in the November issue of Vogue, Eater NY discovers that the name of David Chang's next restaurant will be—drum roll, please—Ma Pêche. And did you notice the crisscrossing tables?! [~ENY~]

'BUCKSWIRE—So many lawsuits involving the 'Bux lately! Now Starbucks is suing a former senior VP for allegedly violating a non-compete by accepting a job at competitor Dunkin’ Donuts. [NRN]

PHILADELPHIA—Since 2007, the Wine School of Philadelphia has called its grape-centric competitions "Sommelier Smackdowns." Now, World Wrestling Entertainment claims they have exclusive rights to the word "smackdown." The school's response: "Wallace calls smackdown a generic term - 'and they're trying to bully us. I mean, the word is even in the freakin' dictionary.'" [Philly Inquirer]

[Ma Peche image via Eater NY]