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10 Years Later, Behold the First Episode of Good Eats

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Scenes from the first episode, "Steak Your Claim."
Scenes from the first episode, "Steak Your Claim."

Hard to believe, but Alton Brown's Good Eats has now been on the air for a solid decade. When it first started back in 1999, the Food Network show took a chance in being one of the first food shows to be about entertainment, not food—funny because these days, between Gordon Ramsay, Guy Fieri and the myriad cooking competitions, it's probably the opposite. Even to this day, Brown insists his main inspiration was Pee Wee's Playhouse. 200 episodes and 13 seasons later, Brown's "mix of MacGyver, Mr. Wizard and History Rocks" is still on the air—though he looks a little older—and there are three Good Eats cookbooks on the way. The first one ("The Early Years," nearly 400 pages) is released tomorrow. For now, enjoy a clip of the first ever segment of Good Eats:

· Alton Brown: 10 Years Of 'Good Eats' [NPR]

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