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The Nine Big-Deal New Restaurants in San Francisco

With myriad openings slated to grace the country's biggest cities during these autumnal months, please use the below list to help digest the heavyweights. Here now, what's coming of note in San Francisco.

2009_09_ftquince.jpg1) Quince
Address: 470 Pacific Avenue, Jackson Square
The Situation: By now, the situation is well-known, so we won't rehash it completely, but rest assured the eyes of the city (and maybe even the nation) will be upon the reborn Myth space over the next few weeks as the upscale Pac Heights staple makes the big move eastward in what is hoped to be a huge boost for SF's fine dining scene.
Major Players: Michael Tusk, Lindsay Tusk, David Lynch, William Werner
Projected Opening: October 1st
Buzz Factor: 9
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