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Meet Your Cooking Channel Hosts: Aida Mollenkamp

We’re really busy right now creating the best shows that celebrate really interesting and unique people who are truly passionate about food. Be sure to join us on-air starting May 31st where we’ll explore cooking in every dimension: farm to table, technique to taste, and classic to trendsetting, local to global.


Aida Mollenkamp, Ask Aida
With a diverse culinary background and a passion for sharing her knowledge with food enthusiasts, cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp prepares delicious dishes while answering viewers’ questions on her interactive cooking show, Ask Aida. From recipe and ingredient issues, to advice on kitchen machinery and tools, Aida even offers guidance for impromptu parties, feeding a crowd, make-ahead dishes and timesaving tips. In her new Cooking Channel show, FoodCrafters, Aida is a modern forager, seeking out artisanal foods and telling the stories of how they’re made and the people behind them. More >>