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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

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Americans Just Want Immigrants for the Food

Anthony Bourdain Scholarship Created to Help Culinary Students Study Abroad

RIP ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club,’ 2018-2019

Why Chefs Love This Tulsa-Made Grill So Much

The Trouble With Ông Ngoại’s Cooking

In my family, which coalesced around the women in the kitchen, the men must have felt isolated in their own homes

New England Beach Pizza Is Not Very Good. Everyone Should Try It

A celebration of the thin-crusted, sweet-sauced, provolone-topped seaside snack

‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ and ‘Queer Eye’ Both Return to Netflix Next Month

Of Course Taco Bell’s App and Website Crash During a Free Taco Promotion

Food Pantries Modeled After Little Free Libraries Are Popping Up Around the World

World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019: News, winners, and updates from the event in Singapore

Get Ready for Eater’s First-Ever Young Guns Summit

Everyone Congratulate the World’s 50 Best for Including Six Women on Its New, Longer Long List

Dear God, Twitter Resurrected the Quiznos Monsters That Haunted the 2000s

Driverless Cars Will Soon Deliver Pizza in Houston

When in Doubt, Order the Quesadilla

White Castle and Red Robin Reportedly Running Low on Impossible Burgers

Just Put ‘Chopped’ On

Too long to be great and too impersonal to be terrible, "Chopped" is a perfectly adequate show that lets viewers be mercifully passive

Every Grocery Store Should Be Like Stew Leonard’s

Animatronic displays, free samples, and petting zoos: What more could you want?

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Eat like a local, everywhere

The United States of Mexican Food

‘Real’ Mexican food doesn’t stop at the border

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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The fine dining stunners, neighborhood charmers, and regional vanguards that show us who we are and how we eat

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