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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

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The Chicken Wings of the Sea

Blowfish tails are snacky, versatile, nontoxic, and showing up on restaurant menus

Watch: The Korean Gaming Cafes Serving Cheese Ramen, Corn Dogs, and Kimchi Fried Rice

A Spice-and-Cookbook Set, a Burrito Blanket, and More Things to Buy This Week

A Cake-Fail Cavalcade Is Headed to Netflix With the Return of ‘Nailed It!’ on May 17

Treat Yourself to This Chic Li’l Paring Knife

Every Gingerbread Tells a Story

The baked goods play a crucial role in Helen Oyeyemi’s new novel of the same name — and in countless narratives across history

One of America’s Most Acclaimed Breweries Gets Into the Tasting Menu Game

Shake Shack Is Ditching Plastic Straws at Locations Across America

The Best Time to Order a Bloody Mary Is After Dinner

The FDA Has Loosened Its Draconian Grasp on Frozen Cherry Pie

It Was Never Like Crack

How the phrase became lazy slang for the food industry — and why brands like Milk Bar, Ample Hills, and HopCat are finally letting it go

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The 17 Hottest New Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Where to find cheese-filled bourekas, puffy mandu, vegan haute cuisine, and fully loaded pita in the buzziest food town on the eastern Mediterranean

McDonald’s Saves You the 22-Hour Flight for Australian Cheesy Bacon Fries

The Secret Soylent Capital of the World Is… Grand Forks, North Dakota?

Disney World Is Getting an Upscale Beauty and the Beast Bar

Manhattan Yuppies Faceplant Into Farm Life on ABC’s ‘Bless This Mess’

Why Does the Mueller Report Mention Paul Manafort’s ‘Biggest Jar of Caviar’?

A Meatless McDonald’s Burger Is a Given, So What’s the Holdup?

It’s only a matter of time before the chain finally gives Americans plant-based patties

The Revolution Will Be Tableside

Chefs are turning to the pop-up dinner series to spotlight personal causes, raise money, and provide space for marginalized communities

Meet the Eater Young Guns Class of ’19

These up-and-comers are the rising stars of the restaurant world

No One Can Agree on What 7-Eleven’s Pokémon-Themed Slurpee Tastes Like

The Worst Things New York Diners Do in Restaurants

Future ‘Barefoot Contessa’ Episodes as Imagined by an Ina Garten Superfan

McDonald’s Is Sorry It Served a Woman Bubble Tea Mixed With Disinfectant

Watch Two Weird Short Films From Donald Glover: ‘Polenta’ and ‘Avocado’ 

San Antonio Will Vote Again on Banning Its Airport Chick-fil-A

The Best Cookbooks of Spring 2019

Including new recipes from Franklin Barbecue, Republique, and Salt & Straw

The Eater Guide to the Whole World

Eat like a local, everywhere

The Eater Guide to Taipei

The island of endless eating that’s too delicious to miss

America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The fine dining stunners, neighborhood charmers, and regional vanguards that show us who we are and how we eat

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The 18 Best New Restaurants in America

From LA to DC, the dishes emerging from the country’s most exciting restaurants narrate personal stories like never before