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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The 18 Best New Restaurants in America

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The 12 Days of Guy Fieri: A Tribute to a Food TV Icon

Welcome to a yuletide celebration of Flavortown’s founder and most famous resident

The 12 Days of Guy Fieri: Diners, Drive-ins and Do-Gooding 

Meet the New Bae, Same as the Old Bay

Heston Blumenthal Accused of Tax Sheltering, Failing to Pay Staff Overtime

Chef of San Antonio Restaurant Mixtli Pleads No Contest to Assault Charge

Eater Young Guns Host Two Events in New York Next Week

Mission Chinese Bushwick Is a Psychedelic Recap of Danny Bowien’s Greatest Hits

The boundary-pushing chef hits the mark with numbing mapo tofu and a mod gallery vibe

How Costco’s $4.99 Rotisserie Chickens Will Transform Agriculture in Nebraska

In order to continue selling its beloved birds for such a low price, the warehouse club will soon raise and process its own poultry

How Restaurants Respond When an Employee’s Bad Behavior Goes Viral

In an era when every diner has a video camera in their pocket, a brand’s reputation can be irreparably damaged in one tweet

Salt Bae Photoshop Job Lands Journalists in Jail

Watch: How Much Meat Can You Put on a Pizza?

For the Best Food Photos Every Time, Here’s What the Pros Use

Whole Foods Pulls Hot Bar Containers With Cancer-Linked Chemicals

The 12 Days of Guy Fieri: All the Celebrities Flock to Flavortown

Andrew Zimmern’s Lucky Cricket Is More Than a Controversy. It’s Also a Bad Restaurant.

Andrew Zimmern’s Lucky Cricket is not the Chinese-American chain it hopes to be

The 2018 Eater Awards Winners

Shining a spotlight on the people who shaped food culture this year

Presenting the Eater Awards Winners Across 24 Cities

Stephanie Izard Is Opening a Peruvian Rooftop Restaurant in Chicago

Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Hong Kong and Macau

The Hipster Nativity Scene Is Here to Ruin Christmas

For Real Cooking Success, You Need a Good Speaker

Ryan Sutton’s Best Restaurants of 2018

New York dining is stronger than ever with a modern wave of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indian spots

The 2018 Eater Holiday Gift Guide

There’s plenty to give the food enthusiast in your life, from cool restaurant swag to the best new cookbooks (and everything in between)

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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The fine dining stunners, neighborhood charmers, and regional vanguards that show us who we are and how we eat

Police Wait Out Barricaded Burglar by Ordering Some In-N-Out Burger

The 12 Days of Guy Fieri: How ‘Triple D’ Was Born

Watch: How Fogo de Chão Serves Brazilian Steak for 1,000 People Nightly

Eater Young Guns: Help Us Find the Best New Talent in the Restaurant World

The Eater Guide to Bogotá

Where to eat in Colombia’s cheese-stuffed, leaf-wrapped, fruit-filled paradise

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The 18 Best New Restaurants in America

From LA to DC, the dishes emerging from the country’s most exciting restaurants narrate personal stories like never before