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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The 18 Best New Restaurants in America

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Melissa Etheridge Is Writing Songs for a ‘Mystic Pizza’ Musical

Furloughed Federal Workers Supposedly Surviving on Soylent Is So Very 2019

Who Is Paying $1,000 to Dine Outside in a Plastic Dome?

There Will Be No Chick-fil-A for Super Bowl Attendees, $3,000 Tickets Be Damned

The Eleven Madison Park Team Will Open a London Restaurant This Summer

The Story Behind the José Andrés Nonprofit Serving Furloughed Employees

Dear Restaurants, Your Inaccessibility Is the Opposite of Hospitality

For an industry built on hospitality, too many restaurants still pay lip service to — or flat-out ignore — the Americans with Disabilities Act

A Tour of the Great ‘Sopranos’ Headshot Restaurants

One fan’s account of a mad dash through red sauce restaurants in New York and New Jersey

‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall Will Perform a Skittles Commercial Live on Broadway

Munchery Is the Latest Meal Delivery Service to Go Bust

Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for France

GoFundMe for Restaurant Ripped Off by Fyre Festival Raises More Than $150K

April Bloomfield Closes Hearth & Hound in Los Angeles

America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The fine dining stunners, neighborhood charmers, and regional vanguards that show us who we are and how we eat

Watch SNL’s Gillette Commercial Parody Featuring the Kool-Aid Man

‘Fyre’ and ‘Fyre Fraud’ Are Two Excellent Documentaries About a Disastrous Festival

Streaming recommendations for the weekend, plus a roundup of the week’s food-related entertainment news

Is Salt Bae Actually Tip-Skimming Bae? 

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The 38 Essential Tokyo Restaurants

Where to eat ramen, tempura, kaiseki, and the finest sushi in the world — period

The Eater Guide to Bogotá

Where to eat in Colombia’s cheese-stuffed, leaf-wrapped, fruit-filled paradise

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The 18 Best New Restaurants in America

From LA to DC, the dishes emerging from the country’s most exciting restaurants narrate personal stories like never before

‘Top Chef Kentucky’ Recap: A Beef Challenge That Goes Off the Rails

Domino’s Is Hell-Bent on World Pizza Domination

Restaurant Industry Pros Embrace the Side Hustle

Restaurants can be all-consuming, but these chefs and restaurateurs are exploring talents outside the kitchen

Here’s How LA’s Infamous Dine-and-Dash Dater Actually Got Caught

Inside SF’s Hottest New Wine Bar, Where High-Gloss and Hi-Fi Rule

These Fancy Little Spoons Are Perfect for Caviar (or Any Food, Really)

Eating Is an Existential Chore on ‘Forever’ and ‘The Good Place’

Brands Step Up to Feed Furloughed Federal Workers

Mirazur Chef Mauro Colagreco Opens first U.S. Restaurant in Palm Beach

NYC Empire-Builder Alex Stupak Considers a Future Beyond Mexican Food 

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