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The 16 Best New Restaurants in America

Eater Travel: Where to Eat Around the World

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How the Corn Dog Became the Must-Eat Food of American Presidential Candidates

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Facebook Is Opening Cafes With ‘Privacy Workshops’ Because It ‘Cares’

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The Fizzy Fröccs Will Make You Rethink the Wine Spritzer

Hungary’s bubbly beverage predates our modern obsession with frosé

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Mayor Pete’s Excellent Iowa State Fair Adventure

In the span of four hours, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg put down a root beer float, a pork chop on a stick, a fried bacon ball BLT, fried Oreos, and more — then washed it all down with chocolate milk

You Really Only Need Three Knives

The all-important knife block may finally be losing its place of prominence

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The 20 Essential Ottawa Restaurants

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There’s No Elegant Way to Eat a Corn Dog: Here Are the Democratic Candidates at the Iowa State Fair

Campaigning in the form of pork chops, turkey legs, and deep-fried everything

Take a Trip Through the World’s Ultimate Culinary Destinations

Your Favorite Products Could Be Made With Palm Oil Produced by Slave Labor

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I Staged in a Michelin-Starred Restaurant in France and It Broke Me After One Week

The French brigade system and the ritual of staging has defined what it means to train as a fine dining chef for more than a century — and it broke me after a week

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Listen every week for the most important intel on the food world

Yes, That Was Former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Shilling for Pizza Hut in an Old Commercial

Weight Watchers Debuts an App That Could Screw Up Your Kid’s Relationship With Food for Life

The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Shopping Guide

How to Get Started Brewing Your Own Kombucha

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Justice Department Finds $4 Million Worth of ‘American’ Crab Is Actually Imported

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The 17 Essential Seville Restaurants

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A Conversation With the Team That Made Bread With Ancient Egyptian Yeast

How a scientist harvested 4,500-year-old yeast and turned it into a loaf of sourdough

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More Bizarre Restaurant Instagram Accounts, Please

Anybody can make their food look appetizing; it’s the restaurants keeping it weird that are worth following

FDA Warns Against Drinking Products That Falsely Claim to ‘Cure Autism’ and Actually Contain Bleach

Your Community Taco Tuesday Could Come With a Cease-and-Desist From Taco John’s

Just Reading About Four Loko’s New 14 Percent ABV Seltzer Could Make You Black Out

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Tyson Really Does Not Want the Government Inspecting Its Beef

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Failure Is a Privilege

Chef Reem Assil on creating a culinary field that makes room for true innovation

What’s the Difference Between Pickling, Brining, Marinating, and Curing?

The Wife Cake Emerges as a Symbol of Resistance During the Hong Kong Protests

As violence against protesters breaks out across Hong Kong, the sweetheart cake has gained renewed communal significance

How to Make a Costco Rotisserie Chicken Even Better

An Ina Garten Tote, a Great Frying Pan, and More Things to Buy This Week

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The 16 Best New Restaurants in America

The right places to eat, right now

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The Eater Guide to the Pacific Northwest

How to eat your way through the land of gray skies and great food, rain or shine

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Meet the Eater Young Guns Class of ’19

These up-and-comers are the rising stars of the restaurant world

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