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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The 18 Best New Restaurants in America

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How Slow Food’s Elitism Only Fueled My Craving for McDonald’s

Carlo Petrini’s cult-like food movement is one for the privileged

The Best Moments of Anthony Bourdain’s Trip to West Texas on ‘Parts Unknown’

Watch: How Illinois Fisherman Turned the Invasive Asian Carp Business Model

Netflix’s ‘The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell’ Is the Perfect Halloween Show

Scenes From Anthony Bourdain’s Trip to West Texas on ‘Parts Unknown’

Eater Young Guns: Help Us Find the Best New Talent in the Restaurant World

The Eater Guide to Bogotá

Where to eat in Colombia’s cheese-stuffed, leaf-wrapped, fruit-filled paradise

Here Come Fancy Convenience Stores, aka Gentrified 7-Elevens

With their quinoa bibimbap bowls and $18 "vegan-friendly" condoms, these upscale mini-marts are no replacement for the traditional bodega

Watch: Potato Pancakes and Dumplings at California’s Only Lithuanian Restaurant

The Best Sunday Roasts in London

The places in London that serve the finest versions of Britain’s most iconic meal

How Food Empire Zingerman’s Was Built on Anarchist Theory

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More Trader Joe’s Salads Recalled, This Time Due to Salmonella and Listeria

The 24 Best Chocolate Shops in America

Where to find colorful, hand-painted bonbons, mosaic-like candy bars, and exceptional single-origin chocolates

The Navajo Nation Is Reclaiming Its Native Food Culture

Widespread poverty and food deserts mean Native Americans have the highest rate of diabetes in the country — but change is on the horizon

David Chang Plants the Fuku Flag in Boston

Buying Your Own Chopsticks? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

Watch: Sumac Chicken, Hummus, and Flatbread Complete a Syrian-Palestinian Feast

The Ongoing Saga at the Spotted Pig

Here’s everything that’s happened since owner Ken Friedman was accused of sexual misconduct last year

Watch a Fresh Clip From the New Kentucky-Themed Season of ‘Top Chef’ 

The Best Lines From Jonathan Gold’s Last-Ever Interview

Unpacking the Collateral Damage of Restaurateur Ken Friedman

Watch: What Does Pork From Weed-Fed Pigs Taste Like?

Lipstick on the Spotted Pig

One year since #MeToo, accused men like Ken Friedman are still getting paid

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12 Hottest New Restaurants in San Sebastián, Spain

Where to find juicy lomo saltado, squid ink tacos, and tinned seafood with vermouth in the Basque coastal town

Mad Scientists at Chick-fil-A Concoct Drinkable Key Lime Pie

Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Seoul

Famed Italian Pizza Maker Gabriele Bonci is Coming to Miami

Food Service Workers Reveal Culture of Harassment and Misconduct at Terranea Resort

The Best Cookbooks of Fall 2018

Including new recipes from Ina Garten, Yotam Ottolenghi, Chrissy Teigen, René Redzepi, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Dorie Greenspan, and more

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America’s 38 Essential Restaurants

The bistros, pizzerias, steakhouses, and taco trucks that defined dining in 2017